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Interactive use

Interactive runs might be needed in some special cases. Use them only when you are present and release resources immediately when ready. Do not use them for normal calculations but use automated calculations instead.

Interactive calculations tend to lead to:

  • Inefficient use of system resources
  • Inefficient use of software licenses

Other issues:

  • Security updates might need rebooting of login node which means that interactive runs are lost



Create connection with X forwarding enabled.

ssh -X


You need to have X server installed in your local Windows computer. Use Xming.

Make sure that X forwarding is enabled in settings of PuTTY. Check from Connection > SSH > X11: Set up X11 forwarding

Reserve resources

First it's good to check if there are free nodes for interactive use with sinfo. Then use srun and normal SLURM options to reserve resources for calculation.

Exact command depends on which kind of calculation is going to be started:

If you use MPI parallelization:

srun -p <slurm partition> -n <number of cores> -t <maxtime> --x11=first --pty $SHELL

If you use only threaded software:

srun -p <slurm partition> -N 1 -n 1 -c <number of cores> -t <maxtime> --x11=first --pty $SHELL

If you use MPI+OpenMP hybrid parallelization:

srun -p <slurm partition> -N <number of nodes> --ntasks-per-node=<number of processes per node> -c <number of cores per process> -t <maxtime> --x11=first --pty $SHELL

Example (draco node with all 4 cores for 6 hours):

srun -p draco -n 4 -t 06:00:00 --x11=first --pty $SHELL

Next SLURM gives message

srun: job <jobid> queued and waiting for resources

When there is free resources in cluster following is shown and command line is dropped:

srun: job <jobid> has been allocated resources

Now you can start the actual interactive use. See separate instructions from software pages.

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