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Scientific computing resources in LUT

This page lists different computational resources available for scientific research. All clusters are typical HPC clusters and running Linux with SLURM scheduler.

Local computing resources

styx cluster, Computational Materials Science

celaeno cluster, Computational Materials Science, Nuclear Engineering

hydra cluster, Nuclear Engineering, Modelling of Energy Systems

Remote computing resources

CSC - IT Center for Science offers different scientific computing services.

Computing services

Finnish Grid Infrastructure (FGI)


Rules of usage

Apply for account

Generate SSH keypair

You need SSH keypair.


If you don't have key pair already generated then just open terminal and write:

ssh-keygen -t ed25519

Follow instructions and remember to add password to protect key pair. Almost every Linux distro has SSH agent activated by default so you have to write password only once per day or so. Attach public key as file (.pub) or as plain text to email for cluster admins.


Use PuTTYGen. Instructions on separate PuTTYGen page.

Apply for account

Send email to cluster admins (email addresses are listed in info tables of cluster pages) which must include:

  • Your public key with your username and computer in comment section. For example: ssh-ed25519 AAAA… mylutuser@LUT1234
  • Your research group and person in charge of research group
  • Short description of intended use (to give best possible instructions for you to start with)

Making connection


ssh <replace by login host>


Use PuTTY. Instructions on separate PuTTY page.

Basic concepts

Public key cryptography

Theoretical speedup of using parallel calculations



Install your own software

Connection utilities

Calculation software

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