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You need SSH-key to login Linux calculation servers. Here are instructions to generate key to use with PuTTY on Windows.

  • Get PuTTYgen from download page of PuTTY.
    1. Download most recent version of PuTTYgen to C:\PROGRAMS\PUTTY\
    2. Download most recent version of PuTTY to C:\PROGRAMS\PUTTY\
    3. Download most recent version of Pageant to C:\PROGRAMS\PUTTY\
Place them to C:\PROGRAMS\PUTTY\ where IT services like to put PuTTY by default and there you should have write permissions.
Another choice is to put these files in your network home directory on maa. It's usually mounted as drive Z: so Z:\PUTTY is fine.

PuTTYgen generates necessary key pairs.
  • Start PuTTYgen
    1. Make sure you are generating Ed25519 key. Another option is to use RSA but in that case make sure to have at least 2048 bits in key. Other options are unacceptable.
    2. Generate

PuTTYgen initial values

Check that from lower part of window in section "Parameters" type of key is "Ed25519". If SSH-2 RSA is used you should change "Number of bits in a generated key" to 2048. Then hit "Generate" and follow instructions to complete generation.
  • After successful generation
    1. Change comment to user@computername
    2. Add password to protect your key pair

Generated key

Change "Key comment:" to <your LUT login name>@<machine name where this key is used>. Couple examples: jdoe@lut1234 or mmeikala@bh300014 or c0395687@lut1115.

Password is needed to make authentication with key pair. If key pair gets compromised (someone had access to private key file) the password protects it only for some time and key pair needs to be replaced.
  • Save generated key
    1. Save your private key to secure location (instructions below)
    2. Copy-paste OpenSSH public key (from text box) for cluster admin

Save key pair to location where only you have access. Never allow anyone else to see the private key file.

If unsure what to do then put key to your home directory on maa. So create directory "keys" to maa (Z:\keys) and save key there. Filename can be derived from your computer like LUT1234.ppk.

Copy OpenSSH style public key from text box named "Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file:" and include it to email which you are going to send to cluster admins. Copying all contents to file and send by email is fine also.
It should look something like following (just copy-paste - do not add any line feeds like here):

GsPEEbmp+SHCZ0SjKFEFHpV7ZhBETY9iTVROea5Z jdoe@lut1234

Or Ed25519 key is something like:

ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIJ5FqXCFG5GicCk0p4m5zwWnLHE/wG0HkQTdYhoUhHcS jdoe@lut1234

Generated key pair can be used to login the clusters after public key is added to each cluster by admin.

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