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Notice: On nodes where there is no display adapters the OSMesa software rendering is used and 3D processing power is quite limited.

Take SSH connection to cluster by normal means. Then reserve resources for Paraview server and check where first process is run:

 srun -p <partition> -n <cores> -t <timelimit> --pty $SHELL


 srun -p phase2 -n 16 -t 03:00:00 --pty $SHELL

Following message should appear if resources are available in about one minute:

srun: job <jobidnumber> queued and waiting for resources
srun: job <jobidnumber> has been allocated resources
[<username>@<hostname> ~]$

Make sure to notice the hostname of the calculation node. Start the actual Paraview server.

module load ParaView/offscreen/4.3.1
srun pvserver --use-offscreen-rendering

Default port 11111 is used for server if nothing is specified. Use this port for both remotely and locally unless it is reserved by another service. If port is reserved change it by passing –server-port=<port> option.


Start another local terminal and use following command to forward local port to calculation node:

 ssh -N -L <local port>:<hostname>:<remote port> <hostname of cluster login node>


ssh -N -L 11111:ce17:11111

There is no output just leave it there until finished with Paraview.


Start new PuTTY terminal or modify settings of current terminal (upper left corner to get the menu) to forward local port to calculation node. Go to Connection > SSH > Tunnels and insert local port to Source port and node hostname and port to Destination. Then hit Add and port forwarding should be set up.

PuTTY SSH port forwarding settings

Paraview client

Start Paraview and select Connect.

If this is the first time to use Paraview on cluster select Add Server. Name as you like but for example LUT is fine. Server Type Client/Server, Host localhost and by default Port (local here) is 11111. Hit Configure and from next window check that Startup Type is Manual and hit Save.

Select the connection from list and hit Connect.

Additional tip

If you don´t know what are you doing: There is explained same routine to other cluster.

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