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Use WinSCP instead of FileZilla. There is nothing wrong with FileZilla itself but installer for Windows version contains junkware and special attention is needed to avoid this junk.

FileZilla can be used to move files to remote machines. Filezilla official homepage is

Download Filezilla only from official homepage or mirrors listed in there. Filezilla installer for Windows (FileZilla_X.Y.Z_win32-setup.exe) contains junkware additions like MyPCBackup and MySearchDial. Make sure to hit Decline when installer show something related to these. Third party sites are even known to distribute Filezilla with malware and backdoors.

Other option is to get version without installer ( which doesn't contain any unwanted additions. Install manually to C:\PROGRAMS.

Usage after successful junkware free installation

FileZilla supports Pageant (instructions on PuTTY page) so start it in background when making connection.

Start FileZilla and open Site Manager.

  1. Click New Site and rename it
  2. General:
    1. Host:
    2. Protocol: SFTP
    3. Logon Type: Normal
    4. User: <your login name>
    5. Password: Leave empty
  3. Hit Connect

And it just should work.

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