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Clusters are intended to be used for scientific computation by LUT personnel. Inform your head of laboratory about your intentions to use clusters as he/she will be contacted in case of clear violations of these rules, whether intentional or due to negligence or just poor understanding of the clusters.

Calculating clusters are not administrated by IT services. Do NOT ask help from If you are having problems with calculations in general ask help from your fellow researchers for example through user mailing list of cluster. If administrators need to take action then contact admins through mailing list.

Allowed use is any kind of scientific calculation which is related to academic work of personnel. Any personal projects like password or cryptography cracking, running BOINC software similar to seti@home or bitcoin mining is strictly prohibited.

You agree to insert information about publications generated with help of these calculation clusters to usage reports.

  • Calculations need to be designed to be efficient.
    • Login node is not intended to be used for calculations. Use resource manager to start calculations.
    • Do no harm for other users by overallocating resources which are not needed. For example CPUs, memory, GPUs and licenses.
    • Avoid extensive use of script languages. Prefer compiled software.
    • Make sure that software parallelises efficiently before reserving massive amount of cores in single calculation. See Amdahl's_law. Test if in doubt.
  • User accounts are strictly personal. Everyone must have their own user account.
    • Use a different SSH key pairs on different machines or operating systems to limit your personal work in case of security problem.
    • Protect secret key by password and keep it safe. No one (including admins) is allowed to see the contents of secret key file. You are the only exception.
    • If your computer (and so key) is compromised by virus, trojan, theft or poor handling inform admins immediately and remove compromised key from clusters (.ssh/authorized_keys).
  • Clusters are not general fileservers or archives.
    • After finishing calculations make clean up and archive your results to some other location.
  • Use common sense. Better to contact admins before than make admins to contact you.

Other general rules of usage set by IT services apply as well.

In case clear violations of these rules or abnormal behaviour of clusters then users are encouraged to report these issues to admins.

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