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Basic Information

Administration Laboratory of Nuclear Engineering
Admin contact
User mailing list
Operating System Scientific Linux 6
Arch x86-64
Interconnect 10Gb / 1Gb Ethernet
Resource Manager SLURM
Login node
SSH RSA host key fingerprint 5a:9d:38:dd:7a:9f:51:91:d3:c1:ed:e6:e0:f3:99:00


Main calculation nodes in hydra are two different types and more detailed explanation is given in following table. SLURM partitions (job queues) are separate for different hardware.

Partition Nodenames Calculation nodes Processors Cores Memory (GiB) Memory available (MiB)
draco dr[1-5] HP ProLiant BL460c G7 Intel Xeon X5650 12 96 95000
Total 5 nodes 60 480 475000
hydra hy[1-2] HP ProLiant BL465c G7 AMD Opteron 6172 24 128 127000
Total 3 nodes 48 256 254000
bigmem bm1 Dell Precision T3500 Intel Xeon W3680 6 (12) 24 23000
bigmem bm2 Dell Precision T5500 Intel Xeon X5650 6 (12) 24 23000
Total 2 nodes 6 (12) 24 23000
pegasus pe1 Dell Precision T3500 Intel Xeon E5520 4 (8) 12 11500
Total 1 node 4 (8) 12 11500


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