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Basic Information

Administration Nuclear Engineering & Computational Materials Science
Admin contact
User mailing list
Operating System CentOS 7
Interconnect Infiniband QDR
Resource Manager SLURM
Login node
SSH RSA host key MD5 fingerprint f5:57:1c:28:b0:04:d7:65:a7:24:db:fe:6d:9c:be:8f
SSH RSA host key SHA256 fingerprint Rq2V0C3c9WAo8t/j0uVqZYYsjg3jAMlKici3bn3S4bw
SSH ED25519 host key MD5 fingerprint 3e:99:9c:cf:21:c9:65:53:c4:f6:5c:ee:51:d1:b2:1d
SSH ED25519 host key SHA256 fingerprint aJTNvxXndLqLFWguiYixEsTQ9NWoMmXeVfXehs8E2QA
SSH ECDSA host key MD5 fingerprint 57:13:09:01:15:21:b0:8a:4b:a6:6c:2f:c5:1f:ef:11
SSH ECDSA host key SHA256 fingerprint aELJkM8A3x1gCStieNHEAKOKorilY8I3UE5Yf7cFWAg


celaeno is part of Finnish Grid and Cloud Infrastructure (FGCI) and through grid there is more computing capacity available for scientific calculations.

Computing resources are given in following table. SLURM partitions (job queues) are separate for different hardware.

Partition Nodenames Calculation nodes Processors Cores Memory (GiB) Memory available (MiB) GPUs
phase1 ce[1-16] HP Proliant SL390s G7 2 x Intel Xeon X5650 2 x 6 72 71000
Total 16 nodes 192 1152 1136000
phase2 ce[17-32] HP Proliant SL230s G8 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2660 2 x 8 128 127000
Total 16 nodes 256 2048 2032000
gpu cems1 HP Proliant DL580 G9 4 x Intel Xeon E7-8890 v3 4 x 18/36 (HT) 1024/2048 1023000/2047000 2 x Tesla K40c
Total 1 node 72/144 (HT) 1024/2048 1023000/2047000 2 x Tesla K40c


General information

Apply for account

First see rules of usage. If you accept them see instructions about generating SSH key pair(s) and follow the instructions. After that send mail to admins mailing list. Mention the name of your laboratory and your LUT login name and attach public key(s) to this email.


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