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Personal homepages (created with HTML)

Make your homepage with HTML only if you already know what you are doing or you want to learn how to do HTML. If you don't wan't to learn HTML, please consider other options:

Creating personal home page folder

First you have to create your own folder for this server. You create it browsing with web browser to address This web application will try to identify you with university authentication system, if needed it will ask your university account and password.

If you cant's see authentication page shown below, it means that you are lately used some other university web application which use same single sign on authentication system. ex

After authentication page you see confirmation page written in finnish, if you really want to make your own personal web folder just click link “tästä kotisivuhakemiston luomiseksi tälle palvelimelle.” located near bottom of page.

Next you see page which tells you that your personal web folder is created within next minute. When your folder is created, server sends email to your default email address to notify you about that. Use this waiting time to write down your homepage address which is normally something like that:

Other working forms for your homepage address are:

but both of them are redirected to your homepage using address:

After you have got your email about creation of your personal web folder you can browse to your personal folder address and you will see default page created on your folder. You can use it as starting point to create your home pages or just copy sometthing else over it.

Modifying your home pages

You can access your home pages only with software supporting sftp protocol. Usually you modify page at your own computer and transfer it to server with sftp software.

Some examples for using sftp:

Address for your personal home page

New address of your home folder is using form, old form redirects to new form and it's not guaranteed to work forever.

Some technical limits for personal homepages

  • Sftp access is allowed from finnish ip addresses only (addresses ending .fi country domain), but you can open temporary access for any ip address your system have using web application founded at address Server identifies you and open temporary sftp access for that ip address you currently have in your computer. Temporary access is closed at 24.00 EET aclock (finnish time).
  • Harddisk space 200MB (soft limit 150MB and hard limit 200MB)
  • No shell access, only sftp protocol supported.
  • sftp connection defaults to users root folder, where is no rights to create folders or upload files to that directory. Please, change your active directory to your personal folder before uploading files.
  • Server is parsing .html files with php, this will break <?xml tags which is commonly used to specify charset of your html page. Please use meta tags method to specify charset used at your pages.
  • Your home folder rights are set so that you are file owner and apache is group owner. Other rights is needed only if you change group owner to something else than apache.
  • Php compiler is running at safe mode, which means that php program files and dataflise it use have to be owned by same user.
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