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Modelling in different CSC clusters

Here is an example for modelling in Murska cluster, where you should have a following input file when calculating with one processor. The file named as job1.csh should include following lines (you can use also different names than job1):

#BSUB -n 1
#BSUB -W 24:00
#BSUB -o mpi_prog.out%J
#BSUB -M 2097152
#BSUB -u e-mail address
./finflo grid.INP


#BSUB -n 1 %number of cores

#BSUB -W 24:00 %calculation time/wall time, after this your calculation is stopped even if it is not ready
#BSUB -M 2097152 %need for memory per core
#BSUB -u e-mail address %include your own e-mail address here

./finflo grid.INP %this line starts your calculation from grid.INP file

You should have all necessary files such as .INP, .BC, finflo, DIST and grid files in your own CSC directory including this “job1.csh” file. After that just write

bsub > job1.csh

to send your job to the queue. Usually the queue is faster when you need less computational resources for your calculations. You can find more information about Murska cluster in CSC from here.

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