Part of Global Game Jam 2012

I participated Global Game Jam 2012 last weekend, it’s amazingly good happening.

Main goal is to create working game during 48 hours. We did it, we made game and uploaded it to Global Game Jam site on time. There is few rules when making games, first you have 48 hours time limit, second you get theme for games at friday, and then you start to form teams and start game designing. Atmosphere was very intensive and everyone learnt new things, met nice people and have fun same time.

Editor screenshot from unity

Editor screenshot from unity

Theme was suprise, everyone expected that it’s going to be some word, but it was picture of round snake eating it’s own tail. After  discussions we heard that similar symbol was used by alchemists. During design process we wanted  to have some sort of alchemy included in our game and we decided t use  fire, ice and water elements in our game. (and got change to test unity particle systems for explosions and other effects) We used circle shape and snake too, our playfield was round and there was huge snake moving around playfield.

We wanted to make game in 3D because most of our team members wanted so, some of us have tested unity and blender before, some more and some less, and  those tools were our choice. I ended to use unity and did most of coding in this game,  couple guys did  3D modeling with blender and someone created music. We started with very simple models and got functional prototype running quite quickly, later we remodelled some of gameobjects and added particle effects and explosions.

At end we had simple 3D rotational shooter, where you have to shoot snake moving around you. sometimes snake sends different elementals against you and you have shoot them too before they touch your gun turret. Enemies are getting faster every time you reach new level so game will end sooner or later.

I think most important thing was that everyone had to do small pieces to one game and had a change to learn co-operation of people and software tools. Everyone looked like they had fun too!

If you want to create games,  participate global Game Jam!

Check game play video from youtube if you want to see what we managed to create during weekend.

If you want to try our game, you can download it from Global Game Jam site.